Decent work for Domestic workers

➢ Establishment of All Pakistan Women Association, APWA on 22nd February 1949

➢ Consultative status with Government of Pakistan

➢ Consultative Status with UNICEF.

➢ The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) gave APWA Consultative Status of B Category

➢ APWA is directly affiliated with
1. Associated Country Women of the World, (ACWW).
2. International Council of women
3. General Federation of women.

➢ APWA is affiliated with National NGOs:
1. Trend Nurses Association
2. Craftsmen Colony
3. Women International Club
4. Federation of University Women
5. Business and Professional Women’s Club

➢ Foundation of Pakistan Cottage Industry Association in 1948.

➢ Establishment of Trend Nursing Association in 1949 affiliated with International Council of Nursing.

➢ APWA set up the first community fund for social services in 1952, this served as a role model for the concept of private philanthropy, which is in vogue today.

➢ Establishing some of Pakistan’s foremost higher education institutions for women including the Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan College of Home Economics on 23rd March 1952 at Karachi and the APWA College for Women in Lahore.

➢ Formation of Craftsmen Colony in 1954

➢ APWA’s First Education & Skill Training Rural Project in 1954 at Sukhur

➢ APWA single-handedly mobilized the women and the civil society and lobbied with the then government to enact the 1961 Family Laws Ordinance and family courts Act 1964 which provided legal empowerment to women, children and the family.

➢ APWA struggled for initiation of Nursing Classes in Jinnah Hospital, Karachi in 1964

➢ Establishment of Pakistan Nurses Federation in 1972

➢ Establishment of Post Graduate College of Nursing at Jinnah Hospital Karachi

➢ Formation of first time nursing syllabus in APWA College (Karachi)

➢ APWA members have helped in the establishment of some of Pakistan’s premier women’s organization such as Pakistan Women Lawyers Association (PAWLA), and Pakistan Voluntary Health and Nutrition Association (PAVHNA).

➢ Advocacy by APWA member and their partners, leading to the establishment of women’s division by the government in 1989 which later evolved into a Ministry for Women’s Affairs.

➢ Organized an International Conference on Gender Mainstreaming and the Millennium Development Goals in 2005 in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and United Nations and attended by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

➢ Due to APWA’s active lobbying, three clauses upholding women’s equal status were inserted in the 1973 Constitution.