Child Labour

Child Labour

APWA is an advocate of the provision of the basic rights to all the segments of the society. Keeping in view the condition of the children, APWA continues to seek new ways to improve the lives of young people as they grow and develop. APWA works with a broad range of entities (small and large businesses, private, public and nonprofit agencies) is indicative of the widespread need that exists for young people today in relation to work, APWA’s longstanding commitment to meeting those needs.

APWA basic philosophy to address the child labour revolves around the following core themes:

  • Renewed urgency to tackle the worst forms of child labour across Pakistan by building alliances.
  • Scaling up on the existing national and local level efforts by making action against all forms of child labour.
  • Building political and popular commitment from the major stakeholder to tackle child labour, with social partners and civil society playing a leading role in advocacy and awareness raising efforts.

However, despite the progress and effort by multiple actor in this area much remains to be done. Too many children remain trapped in such totally unacceptable forms of labour. APWA have set a target of eliminating the worst forms of child labour. To achieve this APWA has being scaling up of effort and commitment.

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