Decent work for Domestic workers

Women’s Development Department Punjab, as part of its Women’s Empowerment Package, in collaboration with ILO, APWA and COTHM aimed to train 1000 domestic workers, place them in decent work conditions and begin drafting a legislative framework for domestic workers according to the ILO convention 189 on domestic work. Training domestic workers will provide employment opportunities to women who want to or are already working as domestic workers by providing them certified skills, job placement in line with ILO convention 189 guidelines (minimum wage, grievance redressal system etc), strengthen their position by making them aware of their rights, and provide a model on which the WDD Punjab has drafted legislation for domestic workers. These skilled domestic workers will also help the families that employ them be able to join the labour force themselves, as they will be able to pass on their own household responsibilities to trained, reliable domestic workers. Besides the skills development programme, the project will also focus on legislative side to help combat several other issues, domestic workers come across, including assuring minimum wage, introduction of written contract between the domestic worker and the employer which should clearly outline the type of tasks/responsibilities; work timing; wages; time of payment; leave and other benefits; deductions and a notice period, regulating and registering placement service providers and establishing a grievance redressal system. Findings from this pilot project will be used by the Women’s Development Department Punjab to draft legislation for domestic workers in line with the ILO Convention 2011, No. 189 regarding domestic workers as it provides a comprehensive set of articles and sections dealing with various aspects of domestic work. The major courses offered by APWA were;

  • Cooking classes, along with baking and BBQ training
  • To clean up houses and awareness on hygiene
  • To look after children and old age people
  • Personal grooming and personality development

Educate To Empower