APWA Family Welfare Centers

The issue of lack of proper training centers for nurses in our country has prevailed since the inception of our country. APWA Punjab has contributed to 90% births of children which were attended by skilled LHV during 2013 and 2014 through establishment of 12 Family Welfare Centers across Punjab. APWA has trained LHV’s, and equipped them with the latest technology and equipment at Family Welfare Centers for catering issues like family planning, maternal health and postnatal care. Informative lectures on health and women diseases are regularly delivered at these centers. APWA has also invited pharmaceutical companies to visit these centers and raise awareness about the usages of allopathic medicines.

APWA has also provided equipment at health centers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the centers. APWA has contributed to these centers by providing them with:

  • Boilers.
  • BP apparatus.
  • Weight machines.
  • Scissors.
  • Dilator.
  • Fetus Scope Apparatus.
  • Sponge holder.
  • Small bowl.
  • Chair and Gynae table.

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