Girl child Education

Girl child Education

APWA believes in the notion of “Educating a girl means educating the entire family”.

The most recent manifestation of APWA and other likeminded stakeholder’s efforts has been the constitutional development i.e. introduction of the right of education as fundamental right by the virtue of 18th constitutional amendment in the constitution of Pakistan. The induction of the provision will have utmost significance and is expected to create an impact for the promotion of rights of basic education to the children of the age of five to sixteen years.

One of the basic international normative instrument address the right to education is UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education 1960 (CADE), which, along with discrimination, deal with equality of opportunity, access to free primary education and the rights of minority groups.

Now, an article has been added through the efforts of APWA and likeminded organization in the constitution of Pakistan in the fundamental Rights Chapter to ensure the compulsory free education which reads as

“25-A.Right of Education – The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law.”

APWA has been advocating and working on the awareness of rights of Girl Child education to the general public and advocating the induction of free education for children especially girls since its inception.

Some of the major initiatives taken by APWA for the promotion of education include:

  • Formation of APWA primary schools.
  • APWA Youth Degree College.
  • APWA adult literacy centers.
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