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APWA PUNJAB has 13 District Branches nearly all of them are vibrant and addressing the needs and problems of women at the grassroots according to their means and available facilities. APWA being Pakistan’s mother NGO for women rights and empowerment has been active for the last 67 years. APWA Punjab in furthering its vision and goals has enabled and strengthened its District Branches through different strategies and trainings. The District branches have accessed the local women urban as well as rural/peasant women with their objectives including research, advocacy, capacity development and networking to demonstrate community –based activism and to especially assist and prioritize women and children


APWA Punjab Headquarters Lahore, has established 17 Primary Schools and 4 Adult Literacy Centers , 12 health centers, 6 Skill centers, Daycare unit ,APWA Cottage Industry, APWA Free Legal Aid Cell, APWA Zeenat Auditorium and APWA Youth College with 2 students and 2 Career Women’s Hostels. Apwa has 12 District Branches with in the province of Punjab.


Around two thousand & seventy eight hundred (2078) individuals benefit each year from our Bahawalpur Branch. under the following projects:

» APWA Farid Gate High School Bahawalpur.
» APWA Satellite Town High School Bahawalpur.
» APWA Degree College for women Bahawalpur.
» APWA Industrial Home.

Dera Ghazi Khan

APWA D.G Khan Branch was established in 1949.The yearly beneficiaries are 500 approximately:

» Six primary schools given by the Govt.
» APWA Industrial Home.
» Six Govt Primary Schools


APWA Faisalabad is capable of training students with skills and crafts.

» Primary Schools.
» Darul Taskeen Industrial Home.
» APWA Industrial Home Chanchalwala.
» Family Welfare Centers.


The main focus of this branch is healthcare, education and Self Empowerment of women.

» APWA Primary School.


APWA Jehlum was established in April 1949 and registered in 1965. It was started on a self help basis and currently comprises of:

»APWA Industrial Home.
»APWA Family Welfare Center


This branch was founded in 1953 and continues to exists despite many ups and downs. It uplifted Multani embroidery and mirror working to a vast cottage industry.The beauty and intricacy of old Multani embroidery has flourished under APWA skill centers. Some years back the chairperson APWA Multan generated policies to raise funds for the branch. Multan branch is situated at an extremely valuable land. It is a large building and APWA is striving to restore it to its original grace and to maintain it as far as possible. Activities include :

» Skill/Empowerment Projects

Rahim Yar Khan

APWA Rahim Yar Khan was established in 1965, Rahim Yar Khan is an important city of southern Punjab as it holds the best Cotton, Wheat, Mangoes & Citrices. The Important activitiesof this branch includes:

» Women Recreational Center
» Primary School
» APWA Industrial Home.


APWA Sargodha School has 750 students enrolled till class 10th and computer is taught as a compulsory subject till class 7th. The computer lab had 2 computer teachers with 2 computers. Students are taught different skills according to their age. The building is double-storied with other facilities such as a library, which needs expansion, a chemistry lab and a biology lab.
» APWA Primary School.
» APWA Girls High School and College Sargodha.
» APWA English Medium School.
» APWA Urdu Medium School.
» APWA Free Dispensary.
» APWA M.C.H Center.
» APWA Health and Family Welfare Center.
» APWA Shop.


Sialkot Branch was founded by APWA Punjab in 1981. There was a higher secondary school very well run by Mrs. Bashir Ahmed Khan, the life member and the Vice President.The Important activities of this branch includes:

» Career Women Hostel
» Establishment of APWA scholar school.
» APWA stitching school
» Aid for flood activities


Mrs. Asia Sayid is the Chairperson of the APWA Sahiwal Branch .It was first under Auqaf but with grant-in-aid by members, relatives, and the Chairperson now, it has been efficiently regulated and maintained.
» APWA Model school and skill center

Nankana Sab

On 28th February following members of APWA went to Nankana Sahib for opening of New District Branch. Activities:

» APWA Multipurpose Centre.
» Primary School
» APWA Secondary School
» APWA Health Center


Establishment of New Health and skill centre at Hafizabad Tippu Sultan Markaz.