APWA Skill Centers

The APWA Punjab Provincial Headquarters conducted short term course for girls including cutting, sewing, handmade embroidery and machine embroidery training courses which were offered at APWA Skill Centers. The most popular courses were:

  • Handmade Embroidery bed sheets.
  • Printed quilts.
  • Embroidered tea trolley sets.
  • Woolen sets for kids.
  • Gents woolen sweaters.
  • Embroidered handmade Quran covers.
  • Colorful tilla work on shoe bags
  • Embroidered with gotta work on pure chiffon shirts. (Unstitched).
  • Embroidered shirts (stitched).
  • Embroidered pouches with mirror work for wedding.
  • Candle making.
  • Knitting.

Skill centers on later stage also organized exhibitions that generated tremendous orders for the participants, this not only gave them the practical experience of business development but also the confidence to pursue their dreams towards economic empowerment based on their skill. Designing and tailoring facilities were also available at reasonable price ranges to attract commercial vendors. Currently, uniforms for the APWA Youth College are prepared at these skill centers