Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

APWA has been an advocate for women and girls over 50 years. APWA stands steadfast in its work exploring the root causes, political underpinnings and budgetary decision-making that has left a track record of unequal opportunity for women and girls in Pakistan. APWA’s has been participating for the cause of women rights through the following programs.

APWA has taken a number of initiatives to Empower Women by the recognition of women’s legal, economic and political rights. It aims to educate the women in terms of health, education and their legal rights to achieve Women Empowerment.

APWA's H/Q areas of work :

  • Education
    • Apwa Primary Schools
    • Youth Degree College
    • Apwa Adult literacy centres
  • Health and Wellness
    • Apwa Punjab Health Centres and their activities
    • Inauguration Of New Health Centre at Haffizabad ,Tippu sultan Markaz
  • Skill Development
    • Apwa Punjab Skill Centres and their activities
    • Inauguration of Pir Colony Manga Mandi Skill Centre
  • Women empowerment
    • Concluding Report on Descent Work for Domestic Workers Project 2014 -2016
    • Apwa Scholarship Programmes
    • Apwa Career Women Hostels
    • Apwa Daycare Centre
    • Apwa Zeenat Auditorium
  • Advocacy
    • Establishment of Apwa Free Legal Cell and its activities
    • Reported cases