Women Health

Pakistan unfortunately has become a member of the list of countries that has become affected by HIV/AIDS.
APWA works at gross root level and maintains its infrastructure for various types of activities. It has always been open to programmes that create gender awareness. APWA Punjab is grateful to UN/AIDS, UNDPQ and Islamabad Central Liaison Office who collaborated and provided a platform of implementation of vocational training programmes for spouses of HIV/AIDS.


The Centre is located on a roughly paved narrow lane. The Clinic is located in an area where the residents are known to engage in illegal drug trafficking. Both women and men are involved. Nabila Chaudary is the local LHV who has been serving APWA since 1995. She has hired a room on a residential street to attend the patients – woman and children. Centre in Parnawa was shifted here. The clinic is open from 9am to 2pm daily except Sunday.


The Health Centre is located near Shadhara. Rubina is the local LHV. She is well qualified and keeps abreast of current practices and new research with regular trainings. The local residents often come together and are given general information and motivational talks on varying subjects like food and nutrition, prevention of diseases etc. The record is meticulously maintained. The patients who visit are around 150 per month, both general and family planning patients. Night - time emergency is referred to the nearby hospital. The trend is very clearly recorded here. In the last 2 decades, people have learnt to value small family and quality life.


The Centre has been recently housed within new premises, which has a primary school as well as a skill training Centre. The drive to the Centre is through an established town. The local residents work on the agricultural farmland, pine peeling and wool/stitching-manufacturing unit. Shamim recalls that encouraging people to consider family planning was very difficult in the initial days. However, over the years the trend has changed and the use of family planning methods is no longer questioned. The records are maintained regularly. The Clinic has been moved to the morning shift. The new building was clean and multi purpose. The family planning patients were recorded as 50 per month while the general patients with complaints of common ailments ranged to about a 100 a month.


The Centre is located in the Green Town, which is near the Quaid –e – Azam industrial town. It is on the outskirts of the Lahore city. Dr Rehana Faiz manages the Centre. She took over from the last LHV, when she left for Canada. Dr Rehana has been a health Practitioner for 17-18 years. The Clinic runs from 2pm to 9pm. General patients visiting the clinic are around 150 while the family planning patient’s range to around 121. The common ailments treated at the clinic are primarily Malaria and the Common cold. Litigation and more serious cases are referred to nearby Clinic.