16 Days of Activism

 25th November 10th December 2017

APWA held the 16 Days of Activism Campaign on violence against women from  25th November to  10th December 2017. The theme of the campaign was Zero Tolerance – End violence against Women and Girls.

Various events, activities, seminars, trainings, workshops and social gatherings were organized to raise awareness for the need to eliminate violence against women and girls. Lectures were also conducted on the rights afforded to women in the law and constitution of Pakistan. The campaign ended with a rally to condemn all forms of violence against women.

Visit of US Delegation-World Learning:

25th January 2018

A delegation of Professional Fellows from the United States representing World Learning, visited APWA on  25th January2018. The aim of the visit was to share and exchange ideas and learn from better practices successfully introduced elsewhere.

Workshop on Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect

 7th February 2018

February 7th, 2018 is National Child Protection Day. APWA organized a workshop with mothers and children on the importance of protecting children from abuse and neglect. A lecture was delivered by the Chairperson of APWA to parents on measures to be taken for better upbringing of the younger generation.

Focus Group Discussion 

  8th February 2018

APWA arranged a focus group discussion with women and girls from around Lahore in collaboration with the Faculty of Lahore College for Women University. The aim of the group was to brainstorm and identify the markers of poverty within Punjab and how to combat the growing wealth gap.

Right to Information-Women Empowerment

 19th and 27th March 2018

APWA arranged an awareness activity session on the Right To Information Act in collaboration with the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives. At the end of this awareness session a quiz was held and prizes were distributed among the participants.

Awareness Session on Monthly Health and Education Workers Pay Day

 8th May 2018

This monthly event is always attended by a Keynote Speaker who touches upon current issues that directly affect the health and education sectors. On this occasion, an awareness session on the importance of cleanliness and sanitary pads was organized. An interactive session was also conducted in order to obtain feedback and shared experiences from the participants.