The concept of setting up Family Welfare Centers within the province of Punjab was led by a need for better Planned Parenthood.

In 1985, APWA was approached by the Non Governmental Coordinating Council (NGOCC) with a request to open 6 centers in the rural areas of Punjab. This was specifically for the purpose of providing population control advice devices for women and general healthcare for mother and child. The Family Welfare clinics served women patients who were gradually induced to adopt family planning.

In 1999, APWA Executive Members had to take immediate action when outside support discontinued. After consultation with the Lady Health Visitors (LHV), they introduced measures that made the clinics semi-autonomous. APWA continued to contribute certain costs while the Lady Health Visitors (LHV) recovered other expenses through the ‘parchi’ fee. Despite limited resources, APWA continues to run the centers whilst establishing others in various cities and towns around the province of Punjab.

Presently, APWA Punjab is sustaining 14 Health Centers where Lady Health Visitors run on single or double shifts daily. LHVs are trained health practitioners who receive regular instruction under Green Star and DTI programs. During monthly visits to APWA Headquarters, the LHV also attend health awareness sessions with senior surgeons and physicians. The Lady Health Supervisor meticulously checks their records and local lady motivators, who play a vital role in making the community more health conscious, support them.

Over a period of time, the statistics clearly show that there has been a change in the mindset at the grassroots level. Local communties have become more health conscious and now understand that it is better to have fewer children and provide them with a better quality of life.

APWA Health Centers in Punjab


Name of Center Number of Staff Number of beneficiaries
Multan chungi 1 2124
Hanjerwal 1 2116
Band road 1 1926
Joreypul 1 2047
Kala khati 1 1748
Green Town 1 1898
ChungiAmersidhu 1 2030
Sialkot 1 2020
Jehlum 1 1939
Kamalia 1 2177
Khanewal 1 2117
Manga mandi 1 1702
NankanaSaib 1 2400
JharMolvi (Hafizabad) 1 216
GakharMandi (Recently Established)
Nawaz Colony Bahawalpur (Recently Established)