Pakistan Day Celebrations

 20th September 2017

APWA Punjab celebrated Pakistan Day with great zest and fervor. This day highlighted the sacrifices made by women and the importance of their role during the time of partition and afterwards where millions were displaced from their homes. APWA also emphasized the urgent need for our new generation to adopt the aims and objectives prescribed by Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan for the development of women in Pakistan.

Founder’s Day       

22nd February 2018

The All Pakistan Women’s Association celebrated its 68th Founder’s Day on 22nd February, 2018. This year APWA had the honor of paying tribute to the contribution of two legendary women.

The event highlighted the hardships faced by Ms. Shakeela Khanam during the partition and her contribution to promote the history of Pakistan to the new generation. It ended with the distribution of “APWA Punjab Award of Honor” being presented to the APWA District chairpersons and District Executive.

Unfortunately, this was Mrs. Shakeela Rasheed’s last public appearance. She died on the 31st of December 2018. APWA lost a key figure and supporter of their cause that day – she will be missed.

International Women’s Day 2018

 7th March 2018

APWA, in collaboration with Punjab Social Welfare Centre, organized an event to mark International Women’s Day.

The theme of the day was “Empower to Progress”. The main focus of the event was to celebrate the success and achievements of APWA’s working women, both from rural and urban areas. Almost 300 people attended the event.

District Commissioner for Lahore, Sameer Ahmed Syed was the chief guest and Deputy Director Social Welfare Mr. Mubashar Javed, along with other social welfare officers, attended the event. APWA Youth College also presented a theatrical performance titled “Sukna” on the empowerment of women. This was very well received by the audience who were delighted to see young girls engaging in meaningful discourse.

Pakistan Resolution Day

 24th March 2018

Pakistan Day was celebrated on 24th March with great enthusiasm. Mrs. Shakeela Khanam Rashid – Senior Vice Chairperson delivered a passionate speech about the difficult realities faced by our leaders and the events leading up to Lahore Resolution. The younger generation present in the audience was able to get a firsthand account of the horrors faced at the time by ordinary men and women in the struggle for the formation of a free and independent Muslim home.

One-Day Fun Day Workshop 

1st August 2018

A One-Day Fun Day Workshop was organized by APWA for children aged 8-15. The workshop included a baking session where the students were taught how to make molten lava cakes and donuts. This was followed by an Arts and Crafts session. The day was especially productive for the children who managed to learn new and useful skills.

Independence Day Celebrations – Plant Drive – Event/ Awareness

 11th August  2018

This year for Independence Day Celebrations, APWA organized a local Plant Drive. This was in keeping with the policy of national reforestation and to raise awareness of the need to combat issues surrounding Global Warming. People from different walks of life all attended the drive and many trees were planted and distributed among guests to plant them in their respective areas.