The All Pakistan Women’s Association, or APWA, as it is commonly known, is a voluntary, non-profit and non-political Pakistani organization whose fundamental aim is the promotion of moral, social and economic welfare of the Women of Pakistan. They have one of their Branch in my Constituency at NA-118 village Thatta –Esa  District Nankana- Sahib Punjab .I personally visited the said Branch of (APWA)on dated 25-6-2019.They were  occupied  total size of land is approximately, 5440 Square feet(ft2). Whereby, I observed that

  1. The informed and intelligent participation of the Women of Nankana Sahib in the growth and development of their Country.
  2. The advancement of the welfare of District Nankana Sahib Women through the Improvement of their Legal, Political, Social and Economic status.
  3. The promotion of Educational/ Vocational Training and Cultural program’s in the District Nankana- Sahib.
  4. The Health and Wellbeing of the people of District Nankana- Sahib in the home and in the community.
  5. The promotion of international goodwill and the brotherhood of mankind.

The said Branch of District Nankana- Sahib is composed of four wider Rooms. The 1st one is for the administrative purpose, and second one is the Mother Child parogram.The another is use for Classes to respective student and forth- one is use for the practical theory, in which they have their required equipments.

APWA endeavors to fight for the rights of women and children .The center is providing services completely free of charge and are targeting the most deprived and needy in the District Nankana –Sahib.

Current Requirement /Suggestions.

  1. Leady Health Worker (LHV),is needed and more widespread advertising to get more woman/girls participation.
  2. Another considerable suggestion about adding computer Training for girls and can try to have health awareness classes.


Dr.Shezra Mansab Ali Khan Kharral

Ex MNA,Chairperson Standing Committee on  Parliamentery Affairs

NA-118 District Nankana-Sahib Punjab

Local Residence: Street Rai Mansab Ali Khan ,Railway Road, Nankana Sahib 

Permanent Residence : House No 118 Street E Uper Mall Lahor