Collaboration with the Punjab Climate Action Network

By: armghan3071

APWA, in collaboration with the Punjab Climate Action Network, organized a session titled “Empowering Women: Building Resilience – Addressing Heatwaves and Health.” The event brought together women from rural and suburban areas of Lahore to discuss the critical role of women’s leadership in climate action and achieving the SDGs.

Former Secretary (R) Mr. Rai Mansab Hayat urged participants to raise awareness about the growing vulnerabilities impacting women’s health and pledged full support to APWA in advancing this cause.

Dr. Andleeb emphasized women’s health issues, focusing on dehydration and promoting healthy lifestyles through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Dure Shawar, COO APWA & General Secretary of the Punjab Climate Action Network, introduced the PCAN network, which includes membership of over 35 credible organizations spanning academia, INGOs, NGOs, and government departments . She reiterated the importance of women’s leadership in climate action and achieving sustainable development goals.

Abdullah Malik, human rights activist and lawyer shared his experience of working on legal cases and informed the participants about latest decisions taken by high Court regarding climate action.

Samia Zahid Aslam, Chairperson of APWA, expressed gratitude to participants and speakers and reaffirmed APWA’s commitment to vital climate action initiatives.

The session concluded with a call to action, stressing the need for community awareness and resilience-building efforts. Recommendations included enhancing women’s leadership roles in climate adaptation, promoting health education, and advocating for policies addressing climate-related health risks effectively.

This initiative aims to empower women to lead and adapt to climate challenges, contributing to sustainable development efforts in Punjab and beyond.


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